The Journey Begins

Walter and Tyler 021

Our journey with Autism began 3 years after our amazing son Tyler was born on Aug 2000, but we didn’t know it yet! We had no idea when he was born, that our gorgeous son would be headed for some very big challenges in his life. Challenges that would not only test Tyler but our family as well.

Today I call him my hero!

I’ve watched him grow into an incredibly amazing young man. He is now 18 and the incredible journey and perseverance he has shown us is beyond amazing.

When Tyler was born 18 years ago, we never dreamed he would be diagnosed with Autism. I was so scared at the time, what do we do, how do we treat it, what is out there!

I had so many questions and hit so many walls.

I’ve created this blog to hopefully help other families by using our experiences and information that we have gained over the years to hopefully make your journey easier.

“Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine. ~ Jack Ma”

Are you ready… you got this…. now let’s get started!