Encourage kids to follow their dreams

Follow your dreams

Growing up as a child I talked to my mom constantly about what I wanted to do in the future. She was amazing and always listened and gave amazing advice. One week I wanted to be a teacher, the next a hair dresser (purple and pink hair that stood straight up at the time was very cool to me).

No matter how many times I changed my mind, she supported me and cheered me on. I had so many dreams, and for awhile they changed a lot, and to this day I am still not sure how she kept up.

I was thinking the other day about a topic that some of us may or may not talk about, which to me is quite an important topic and that’s FAILURE OR FAILING. This is a big part of success and growing up and following your dreams in life.

Why should kids, and adults for that matter, be so afraid to fail at something? Failure is an important part of learning and it’s not always a bad thing. How do you know you are going to fail unless you try?

Many successful people in the world have failed at something before they became a success. Every time they failed, they brushed themselves off, got back on the horse and carried on.

My reaction… what if you regret your decision in the future if you don’t try?

I would rather try something and fail miserably than have regrets about the what if’s. You might be pleasantly surprised and have a wonderful new beginning to something amazing.

Failure can help us to decide what we really want to do in life, what we are good at, how not to do it and how to improve on it, but most importantly, learning to get back up and to try again.

Sometimes failure teaches us that we didn’t really fail at all. Many times we are actually successful because we become determined to figure it out. This can sometimes push us to try even more things and then BAM… you’ve created and achieved something AMAAAZING!

In our family we try as much as possible to find the positive in every situation, good or bad and believe me, there have been days, oh yes…

When I was little I loved to bake and one afternoon I began baking, what I thought was going to be the most amazing cinnamon buns anyone had ever tasted. Well… after mistakenly putting in 1/4 cup of baking powder instead of 1/4 teaspoon, I was sadly mistaken. (Side note…. years later…my cinnamon buns are fantastic… 😉 )

Many glasses of water later, much gagging and frustration, I stormed out of the kitchen furious with myself.

Let’s just say, I never made that mistake again. The amazing thing is, My Mom encouraged me to try again. I thought for sure she wouldn’t want me to set foot in her kitchen again.

Heck no! She encouraged it… cautiously, I am sure. I can just imagine what she must of been thinking each time she had to try one of my horrific cooking creations.

I made many cooking mistakes, but she still encouraged me and I have to say, I am a damn good cook to this day.

No matter what our kids do, how they react when they fall on their faces, we always teach them to pick themselves back up and to keep trying and to always push forward for the things they believe in.

Dreams will change over time, but the important thing for kids to learn is that, no matter what, don’t give up, keep pushing forward and learn from your mistakes and to never let anyone tell you, you can’t.

Failure is just a word, flick it and move forward.

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