Have you heard the legend of the laundry basket?

Have you heard about the legend of the laundry basket that wouldn’t stop growing? Beware…It’s real and I have actually witnessed it first hand, really!

These overflowing laundry baskets have many cloth like creatures that seem to grow in population, sometimes as quickly as 15 mins, I kid you not. Most of them are quite smelly creatures, but a majority of them don’t stink at all and seem to be quite clean… Somehow day after day, no matter how many we remove (exterminate) from the growing laundry basket, they seem to multiply. I swear they are like gremlins that were fed at midnight! Perhaps the water in the washing machine is one of the reasons they seem to multiply???

I think they grow from something inside our children’s room because I see them constantly carrying them to the ever-growing mystical laundry basket every time they are asked to clean their rooms. Are they spilling water on them from the many nighttime glasses they collect at exactly the moment they are supposed to be in bed?

Mystical my Butt… is it really easier to put your darn clothes in the laundry basket instead of in your drawers? You prefer to walk all the way down the hallway and stuff them in that basket and when you are done it looks like the laundry basket threw up. Clothing arms and legs hanging on for dear life and they are spilling out and on to the floor of doom.

Those clothes were washed, folded, and I SANG while folding them and when I knocked on your door, you answered it, after complaining I may add, and with a smile promised you would put them in your real life drawers.

I have to say, they are good little actors, I believe them every single time. Very tricky I might add…How am I so delusional? I have to keep my eye on them because one of them is super fast! Basket empty, I turn my head for 2 seconds and BAM! The basket is throwing up laundry!

I think my son once actually climbed into his bed and fell asleep beside that neat tidy pile of clothes, that I proudly and neatly put on his bed while he was at school, perhaps he is guarding it or something… Or it’s a contest to see how long it will sit there until it falls over?

So… one Sunday after cleaning all the clothes, I gave that laundry basket a dirty look, put my arms out so neither of them could run past me. I looked in every direction, looked away and back again several times thinking, I beat you, you are empty and the clothes are finally finished. Doing a Mom slam dunk a little yodel and a sashay and walked away.

image by Robbin Higgins

5 mins later…I could feel the walls closing in, everything felt faint and I swear I heard the theme song to a Chuck Norris movie. My child walks down the hall with an armload of clothes in his arms…. A FULL ARM LOAD!! I am ready to freak and the music in my mind gets louder and I prepare to get my Mom attitude on! He then walks over to me and says, “Mom… I got this”. Huh, what do you mean you got this? Are you throwing them out?

He looks at me and says Mom, that’s ridiculous, throws them in the washer, puts in some soap and walks away to his room. Music begins to fade and I think I heard Hallelujah humming in the back of my mind.

I didn’t do so bad, pass the wine, please.

Life is so much easier when you just chill out. ~ Anonymous

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