Crush? I Don’t Think So!

I remember as a little girl being put in a headlock, yes a headlock by a boy and it was horrifying! All I could think of was, what the heck did I do to you to be awarded this lovely adventure!

A teacher then proceeded to say, “that boy most definitely has a crush on you?” What the hell! Oh thank you for pushing me down the hill and for the grass stains and cuts on my knees, wow you must really like me! NOT!

If that’s a crush, I would hate to be his enemy! Why do we say this to our daughters? This is so wrong! I have heard this from many people through the years and have even recently heard it about my own daughter.

Hell… I am going out and buying 6 horses and putting her in horseback riding lessons 6 days a week just so she will stay away from those jerks if that is the way boys treat girls when they “Like Them”.

I think we have all been told this at least once in our lives. Well it’s time to stop.

Please STOP telling young girls today that if a boy is mean to them, “I bet they have a crush on you”.

We want confident and strong daughters and don’t want them growing up thinking that when a man is mean to them that it’s OK. If a man is mean to them we want them to kick their butts to the curb… Outta here sucker!

Teach your daughters of the future, to stand up for themselves, to feel proud and to love who they are and that they deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated for who they are because who they are is AWESOME.

There is already way too much bullying and abuse in the world today and WE as Parents, Aunts, role models and more, need to do everything possible to stop it.


Girls and boys need to be having fun in their youth and don’t need to be thinking about crushes and romances. They need to learn what makes good friendship, how to be kind to one another and how to deal with frustrations and tough situations and making the right choices.


When you push off bad behavior that is happening to your child because you are allowing it to continue and you are letting your child down. Don’t use, “it’s just a crush” as an excuse to not deal with it. You are also teaching your children to look the other way and what they are going through isn’t important or real.


Be there for your children and listen to what they are saying, no child wants to be bullied. Work on a solution for them and the bully! Yes, especially the bully (there is some stuff going on to cause them to act this way) If it doesn’t get rectified, it will continue.

We get one shot at this so lets make it a good one!

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

2 thoughts on “Crush? I Don’t Think So!

  1. Every parent, regardless of whether Father or Mother, should be aware of the problems their children face everyday. They need to know that they have a secure person that they can talk to and trust! Kudos to you for writing about this! You go girl!

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